paddling at-a-glance

These sessions are run by Certified Dragon Boat Canada Coaches that will introduce
new paddlers to dragon boating safely in a pool session. These sessions are a great
way to get started on this fun team sport. And any fees collected can be applied to your DASA membership.
Pool paddling and other training is available for those paddlers interested in improving or
maintaining their skill levels.
We provide an opportunity for community members to take part in team building
activities while dragon boating.
  • DASA Membership (December 2021 to November 2022) – $30
  • Pool Fees (November 2021 to April 2022) – $100
  • 10-Time Pool Paddle Pass (Shareable) – $60
  • Paddle Fees (May to September) – $100
  • Paddle Fees (July to September) – $75
  • A Taste of Paddling Fees (Applied to Membership) – $20
  • Youth Fees – TBA
  • School Rentals (per hour) – $75
  • Non-member Rental of Boats & Equipment per hour – $250

Instructions on how to pay your fees can be found here.

DASA offers special programs for youth aged 12 – 17 in the spring and summer.

Teams decide their level of competitiveness. DASA supports the teams by providing /
offering equipment; certified coaches, drummers, steers; insurance coverage and
advocacy; and other supports.
  1. Recreational Teams (Lethbridge Festival and Beyond)
    These teams are often a group of co-workers, corporate sponsored teams, friends,
    church members, or any group that wants to paddle together.
  2. Competitive Festival Teams
    Paddlers on a competitive team push for a medal finish. They enjoy a longer
    paddling season, typically practicing 2 times a week from May until the first week in
  3. High Performance Teams
    High performance teams seek fitness and competition while training and taking part
    2-4 festivals during the summer. Their goal is to excel in the top divisions at each
    event. When possible, these teams travel within Canada and / or Internationally, and
    may compete at the annual Canadian National Dragon Boat Championships.
  4. Performance ++
    DASA can offer support to those individuals who dream big and wish to work towards
    the Canadian National Team tryouts.