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Return to Pool Paddling Guidelines

According to Dragon Boat Canada, “Unlike many other sports, dragon boating involves many participants, paddlers, coaches and support and safety volunteers being present for practice, workouts, training and race venues. We are required to and will continue to follow guidelines set out by Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments. We are mindful that many members of dragon boat crews may be susceptible to more severe consequences of COVID-19 due to their age and/or pre-existing health conditions.”
DASA implemented on-water paddling with Return to Paddling Guidelines in July – October 2020. The paddling was conducted using only members from the competitive DASA teams (Coulee Classic Dragons and Coulee Cruisers). The cohort proved successful.  This same cohort attempted to trial pool paddling on Tuesdays and Saturdays from October 27 to December 12 with some success, but the uncertainty of Covid related pool closures prevented any long term paddling this past winter. DASA will review the protocols to determine protocols for 2021.
Other DASA members interested in paddling are welcome to prepare their own plan following these protocols and identifying key roles and cohort(s). They must present their plan to the DASA COVID-19 Safety Coordinator for approval by the DASA Board of Directors.
Each cohort shall have the following:
  1. COVID-19 – Lead who will report to the Primary Safety Coordinator on a regular basis.
  2. Coach-in-Charge assigned by the Technical Director and reporting on a regular basis.
  3. Teams within the cohort will identify a Team Representative who will report to the Primary Safety Coordinator on a regular basis. Meeting dates will be identified as soon as possible.