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Message from DBC President Scott Murray

Scott Murray provided a summary of his President's Report from the 2021 Dragon Boat Canada Annual General Meeting. He discusses the challenges that DBC has had with Covid-19, and how paddlers can help support their organization.
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Most of their difficulties come from a drop in membership, so we can all help support them by becoming a DBC member. They do a great deal for all paddlers in Canada, and it's only $25+GST for an annual membership.
For instructions on how to register please review this document: download.

2020 Knud Petersen Spirit in Sport
Karen Johnson (Dragonboat, Running)

Karen supports several running events, the dragon boat community, is a Taiko drummer, lover of yoga, and a coach. As a mature athlete, coach, and volunteer, she believes in being a positive role model for healthy aging and dynamic participation. Karen began dragon boating in 2002 when she paddled with the City of Lethbridge crew during the first Lethbridge Rotary Dragonboat Festival. Finding a passion for the sport, Karen was instrumental in starting Team ID in the hope of extending the paddling season and participating in other dragon boat festivals. In 2020, Karen was elected Dragon Boat Canada Festival Director.

2020 Master Athlete Coulee Classic Ice Dragons (Dragonboat)

The Ice Dragons are members of the Dragon Boat Association of Southern Alberta - Coulee Classic Dragons team of women ages 50 to 70, who have paddled in Master's events in New Zealand, Australia and the Canadian National Dragonboat Competition. The 12-member Ice Dragons earned a silver medal in the women's division of the "Shiver and Giver" Fundraising Race during the 2020 International Dragon Boat Federation World Ice Dragon Boat Championships. The competition involved over 100 teams from around the world and is the largest Ice Dragon Boat Championship.

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